Wow... the end of another year is almost here. Crazy how the time flies by, eh? I hope this year has been filled with lots of good things in your life! Things continue to be crazy busy here at the shop. Lots of guitars in process, new designs, and the shop expansion is still underway. I just added a beautiful new guitar to the gallery, AJ Custom Thinline #076. It's made entirely from Indian Rosewood. I was able to find stock thick enough to allow me to bookmatch both the front and back, and do a "clamshell", multi-chambered body glue-up. I designed between 35 and 40 different soundholes until I came up with the refined "f-hole" that I used. It added to the overall elegance of the instrument. The TV Jones Classic neck pickup, paired with a Suhr Classic T in the bridge, and my JP Woodone Deluxe Hardtail Bridge, makes this guitar sweet and punchy. She's a beauty, Phil... and she's all yours!
Posted: December 17, 2014 @ 4:44 PM


T-Style Bridge Plate with Saddles